What our customers are saying and some of our favorite drink dots.


My Dot

I love all the cool shapes to choose between and the ability to customize symbols. I’m definitely recommending these to all my mom friends…that or give them as gifts to them! I thank you. My dishwasher thanks you. Best of luck!

Heather R. Hardworking Mom


My Dot

I created 3 dots: Dad, Mom and Son. They were really easy to install on the counter and they have been very durable in all the use they get. Thanks again for the quick shipping, too. Cheers!

Mark C. Mr. Organizer


My Dot

I am all about personalization. These dots are one of those little things that have changed my day-to-day life. One of my pet peeves was my family getting a fresh glass every time they wanted even the smallest sip of water. Now they can sip all day long and I love it! Thank you so much! I personalized our dots with our zodiac symbols.

Sandy M. Blogger and Horoscope Buff